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The 20th Anniversary Neftegaz-2021 International Exhibition “Equipment and Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry” was held in Expocenter on April 26-29, 2021.


Giprovostokneft is the author of a new innovation

Giprovostokneft specialists developed the new high temperature plugging material featuring high resistance to Н2S and CO2. The material was developed by Drilling Engineering Division: Marat Ahmetov, Director of Drilling Engineering Division; Nina Paryichuk, Lead Engineer for Drill Fluids and Cement Slurries; Dmitry Scherbakov, Deputy Director.

This invention is based on work experience at Boca de Jaruco oil field. Unlike in conventional oil wells, steam treatment is used here to enhance oil recovery in aggressive environment (e.g. high content of H2S and CO2). In such conditions, the ordinary cement sheath fails quickly resulting in early well stream watering and reduced oil production.

“Exposed to steam, H2S and CO2 attack our plugging material survives and allows continuous trouble-free operation of the well” – said Marat Ahmetov, Director of Drilling Engineering Division

The work related to the development of the new material lasted half year. The new test method was devised when cement is simultaneously subjected to cyclic action of high temperatures and aggressive gas H2S and CO2 in airless environment.


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