Joint Stock Company
Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry


The basis of oil sector growth is prompt startup of oil production facilities. Efficient field development is only possible due to high quality technical, technological and civil engineering solutions.

Capital projects begin with engineering, which is essential for investment results of oil companies. Throughout a 70 years history of Giprovostokneft we paid special attention to engineering and survey, timely issue of high quality engineering documents and cost estimates meeting up-to-date requirements. 

We have many years’ experience in survey and engineering. In 70 years’ time we produced over 5000 projects and developed over 2600 oil and gas field in Russia, CIS and far abroad. Numerous oil pipelines, gas treatment plants, compressor stations, oil and gas treatment facilities were built under Giprovostokneft projects.

We carry out engineering surveys to provide to customers maximum package of high quality services, and established exploration base in Eastern Siberia.

Giprovostokneft can offer a wide range of engineering services including conceptual engineering. We worked out and are implementing integrated field development method. 

Giprovostokneft provides services to oil and gas companies in introduction of environmental management in compliance with GOST R ISO-14000, environmental audit, environment protection, environmental impact assessment, environmental components monitoring etc. Since 2008 we obtained wide experience in mine surveying. The company is working in many regions of Russia providing field survey, land use planning and cadastral operations. 

We contribute to the improvement of the national standards and extend project management and petroleum engineering services.