Joint Stock Company
Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry


  • Preparation of mining drawings for field development documentation, materials for resource estimation (wells coordinates, licensed lots, mining allotments, conversion of coordinates from one system to another, building boundaries for mine allotments, licensed lots, sanitary zones, water protection zones, building protection zones around railways and motor roads, preparation of “Mine survey and geodetic works” chapter for design documentation).
  • Documentation preparation for underground water abstraction license.
  • Documentation preparation for field build-up permit.
  • Providing assistance in mining survey to land users (providing mine survey justification, area tacheometric survey, well staking and referencing, creating digital models, estimation of areas and volumes of leftovers in warehouses, underground utilities survey, instrumental inspections, reporting, digitizing of mine survey plans and maps, maintenance of drawings, making annual mining work plans for oil and solid minerals production companies, directional survey data processing, measurement error calculation, consulting for hydrocarbon licensing (free of charge), representation of companies in state supervising authorities in part of mining survey, etc.).
  • Preparation of Annual Reports (Programs) of mining works at common mineral resource field;
  • Preparation of Annual Plans of mining works at open-pit common mineral resource fields;
All types of mining survey works are licensed and performed at high professional “turnkey-ready” level. If necessary, works shall be approved with both regional and central state supervising authorities.