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Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

Land Management and Cadastral Works

Since 2012 the unit’s field of activities expanded. Specialists for land relationships joined the team. In addition, land management and cadastral works added up to unit’s responsibilities:

  • Land management file shaping.
  • Development and approval of area planning and benchmarking.
  • Development and approval of urban plans.
  • Land inventory.
  • Land allocation for construction and operation of facilities.
  • Verification, reclamation and marking of land management boundaries.
  • Preparation and assistance in public hearings aimed at community informing about upcoming business activities and possible environmental impact.
  • Preparation and assistance in common hearings and obtaining approval for land lot renting for intended business activities.
  • Preparation of land demarcation plans by joining, redistribution, parceling, division, verification of lands, including state or municipal-owned lands.
  • Approval of land lot boundaries with adjacent land users.
  • Preparation of land lot layout in cadastral plan.
  • Preparation of demarcation design for agricultural land lot parceled from common ownership.
  • Assistance in making entries about land lot boundaries in national real estate cadaster;
  • Right-of-way design for facility construction