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Gas Processing Plants

Giprovostokneft is one of pioneers in designing gas processing plants, which introduction into service has provided for gas use and creation of raw material resources base for petrochemical complex of the country. Major gasoline and gas processing plants have been built and are under construction in Russia and Kazakhstan as per GIPVN projects.

Samara region

Otradny GPP, 1967

Design capacity
gas – 1.1 BSCMPA
propane-butane fraction – 15 MTPA

Samara region

Neftegorsk GPP, 1969

Design capacity
gas – 0.73 BSCMPA
ethane fraction – 0.124 BSCMPA
NGL – 0.542 MMTPA 

Western Siberia

Yuzhny-Balyk GPP, 1972

Design capacity
gas – 0.8 BSCMPA


Kazakhsky GPP, 1978

Design capacity
gas – 2.5 BCMPA
propane-butane fraction – 12 MTPA
sulphur – up to 1000 TPA


Zahanazol GPP, 1984

Design capacity
gas - 1 BCSMPA
elemental sulfur – 70 MTPA


Zhanazhol GPP Rehabilitation, 2000.

Design capacity
oil - 3 MMTPA
gas – 1.5 BCMPA

In 2000 GIPVN jointly with Lurgi Company (Germany) has designed second phase of Zaikinskoye GPP.

Zaikinskoye Gas Processing Plant (Orenburg region)

Design capacity
gas - 2 BCMPA
by oil stabilization – 3 MMTPA
by oil processing – 0.5 MMTPA

Zaikinsky gas processing plant has been elaborated in 1994/1995

Detailed design has been developed within the period 1996-2000.

Design capacity of gas processing plant:

  • gas – 2.BCMPA;
  • oil - 3.0 MMTPA.

Gas treatment quality complies with OST 51.40-83.

Oil quality – by the first group as per GOST 9965-76.

Besides, the project has provided for production of motor fuels –

500 MTPA by treated oil and production of liquefied gases: propane fraction of the “best” grade, mixtures of butanes and liquefied petroleum gases for motor transport and liquefied gases for domestic consumption.

Gas processing plant construction is taken to be carried out in 3 phase:

  • phase 1 – sales gas complex;
  • phase 2 – stock tank oil and liquefied petroleum gas complex.
  • phase 3 – motor fuels complex (gasoline А-92 and diesel fuel).

GPP Phase 1 has been designed and constructed with participation of “Thermo Design Engineering” Company (Canada) in the development and preparation of main process facilities. Construction of Zaikinskoye GPP phase 1 has been finished in 2001.

Gas from existing Zaikinskoye - Staro-Aleksandrovskaya compressor station gas pipeline and gas from Rostashi substation gas pipeline is used as raw products for Zaikinskoye GPP.

Designed oil and separate liquefied hydrocarbon gases facilities have been not constructed.

Construction phase 1 facilities provide for sales gas output 1.036 MCMPA and hydrocarbon condensate (NGL) output - 111.8 MTPA.

Sales gas is supplied via gas pipeline to Orenburg-Samara gas pipeline Staro-Aleksandrovskaya compressor station inlet.

NGL is supplied to gas-saturated oil transport system.

The following facilities are provided within scope of Zaikinskoye GPP construction phase 1:
  1. Compressor station for compression from initial pressure 1.4 МPа to 5.6 МPа.
  2. Gas dehydration plant.
  3. Low-temperature condensation plant.
  4. Hydrocarbon condensate deethanization plant.
  5. In addition, the following has been designed and built within scope of Zaikinskoye GPP phase 1:
    • Methanol storage;
    • Circulation heat medium (diethylene glycol) system,
    • Gas flaring system,
    • Laboratory building,
    • Utilities with regard to Phase 2 and 3 utilities location