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Nestro Lead Finals
NESTRO LEAD 2.0 final completion took place in the past week. NESTRO LEAD is an open completion held by Zarubezhneft Group of Companies to find out talented

The sixth technical online session SCIF 18.10.2021

The sixth technical online session SCIF

Company SCIF Congress is a professional organizer of international scientific, technical and business online and offline events in chemical industry that contribute to the expansion of research and production potential, establishment of international economic relations and development of business contacts
Aleksandr Nikolaev, principal specialist of oil and gas treatment department took part in the sixth technical online session SCIF.
«The event was dedicated mainly to synthesis of nitrogenous fertilisers, ammonia and nitric acid. It is useful to track trends in chemical and technological industries especially when our institute plans to expand scope of engineering activities and to consider oil and gas processing and petrochemical industry. Besides, it is important that in future oil production and almost all chemical and technological fields will deal with decarbonization, including possible methods of CO2 recovery, transport and disposal», said Aleksandr about the event.

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