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Our Infrastructure

4- и 10- этажное здания института по ул. Красноармейской

Giprovostokneft possesses basic assets and technical facilities necessary to perform all types of profile works in normal conditions.

Main assets and technical facilities include buildings for accommodation of main and supporting operation personnel, as well as structures, machines, units, laboratory equipment, office equipment, maintenance equipment, storage places to ensure efficient engineering and research work.

Автомобильный парк
Giprovostokneft provides vehicles and special machinery to deliver specialists to work field sites in other cities and regions.
Лаборатория исследования нефтей
Лаборатория химии нефти и газа

Giprovostokneft also possesses certified laboratories of different purposes equipped with up-to-date equipment and facilities for analysis of oil fractional and blend compositions, oil properties, petroliferous core analysis, soil sample analysis.

Учебный класс Видеоконференцсвязь
Офис для заказчика Рабочее место в офисе

Giprovostokneft possesses the appropriate set of copy machines for replication of technical documentation in A4-A0 formats.

At present, Giprovostokneft possesses significant material assets, experience in automation of design, scientific and administrative projects using modern computers and information technologies.

The following vehicles and special machinery is available for geological survey works:

Camping vans «П» - 3 ea

Camping vans «Kedr» - 3 ea

Tractor mounted drilling rig «Uzola»

Snow and swamp-going drilling rig «Kerzhak»

Snow and swamp-going bus «Kerzhak»

Diesel power generator АД30С-Т400 – 2 ea

KaMAZ mounted drilling rig УРБ-2А 2 - 2 ea

KAMAZ mounted drilling rig ЛБУ-50-08 

Snowcar YAMAHA VK540E - 2 ea

Geodetic equipment:

Satellite receivers TRIMBLE 5700

Satellite receivers TRIMBLE 4700

Satellite receivers Javad Triumph-1

 Distance measurement and coordinates setting equipment:

  • Electronic tachometer  SOKKIA SET 630R-383
  • Electronic tachometer  SOKKIA SET 510
  • Tachometer  ТС 407 (LEICA) Arctic
  • Leika TCR405 power (Арктика)
  • Electronic tachnometer  SP Focus-6W

Equipment for locating underground utilities with current flow (power cables, pipelines under cathodic protection voltage, metal utilities powered from external generator:

  • Line locator RD 20000 CPS
  • Line locator METROTECH 9890XT
  • Line locator RADIODETECTION RD-4000 00021655

All equipment is supplied with specialized software.

ASIS computing complexes are part of technical assets. These multi-functional complexes are used for laboratory analyses of frozen and non-frozen soils, rock deformation and strength analyses.

ASIS complex functions are as follows

  • automatic control of soil testing process (loading and unloading;
  • vertical and horizontal loading of samples;
  • measuring vertical and horizontal loads, measuring vertical, horizontal and radial deformations of samples;
  • processing measurement results, making calculations and determining soil strength and deformation characteristics;
  • archiving and visualization of measurement and calculation results.