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Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

IT Infrastructure


Corporate information technologies are based on the state-of-the-art and reliable IT infrastructure, which supports accessible and safe storage of data used within portal-based corporate information space.

Corporate IT infrastructure incorporates high-speed network, servers, data storage and backup systems, about 850 workstations and 150 units of specialized telecom and other equipment.

GIPVN has 4 server rooms, 3 modern data processing centers (DPC) based on professional blade-servers and Hewlett Packard storage systems MSA 2052. Design data have safe protection and backup. Server and network infrastructure is converted in virtual media. Power supply of all GIPVN hardware (network, servers, workstations) is centralized and based on Eaton, series Powerware (9390), UPS with total power 640 kVA and independent running time from 40 min. to one hour.

For reliable operation of all corporate information systems GIPVN continuously integrate its infomedia in unified computer-aided system of corporate monitoring and emergency response. Round-the-clock monitoring supports prompt response to changed situation – to prevent an accident and support continuous engineering process.

Efficient optimization tool for IT assets’ management is implemented in GIPVN SAM (Software Asset Management) methodology, which provides accounting and application of licenses/title documents, development and application of procedures and policies for software purchase, commissioning, etc.

Implementation of SAM procedures, computer-aided accounting systems improves IT infrastructure transparency and controllability, cost saving for operation and development, less risk of engineering process interruption.

Widespread use of virtualization tools at servers and network environment level opens up great opportunities for flexible management of IT infrastructure and allows integrating new technologies into it and changing parameters of existing systems.

Use of backup software and hardware systems and real-time monitoring ensures zero downtime of corporate information systems and resources.

Use of backup communication channels and stable UPS to both server rooms and user workstations reduces the risks of information loss and equipment failure.

As part of existing programs to update and modernize IT infrastructure, corporate software and hardware assets are kept up to date. Constant work is ongoing to search for new technologies, their introduction facilitates development of corporate internal information space.

“Factory of Ideas” is a section of corporate portal that provides interaction between employees and heads of departments and IT staff, allows IT staff to receive feedback on their work and work of various automation systems from users. Based on feedback and suggestions, programs are developed to improve quality of existing systems, which fully reflects the ideology of process management within the framework of ISO9001.

Due to introduction of advanced remote access technologies a full-fledged remote workplace for an employee can be organized, regardless of his/her geographical location.

Under quarantine associated with coronavirus, the entire staff was successfully transferred to home-office within 2 weeks, mainly due to advanced IT technologies. Users' remote work can be controlled – time spent on the computer and distribution of activity between applications can be monitored, downtime and violations can be revealed.