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Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

Documentation Issue

Documentation issue is the end link in design process, Computer aided document control reduces the time for documents issue  and its submission to Client. Documents are prepared, checked and amended in electronic form.

Since 2002 we have electronic archive containing more than 800 projects and over 750 thousand electronic documents. The archive receives about 70 thousand documents every year (up to 1500 per day).

For large-scale projects individual document control service is established consisting of one or two employees of document issue department. They receive documents from engineers, check them, register, distribute and report the status of document to project managers.

All soft copies are equivalent to hard copies. We have a printing center with more than 20 office machines for paper size А3 and А0.

Our specialists developed and introduced automatic record keeping of printed and scanned documents allowing document release in each project.

Document release characteristics:

  • graphic materials – over 100000 sheets per year (up to 600-800 sheets per day);
  • text documents – over 800000 sheets per year (up to 4000 pages per day);
  • scanning – up to 1000 sheets per day

State-of the-art replication technology allows the issue of up to 3000 sheets of graphic documentation and up to 4500 pages of text documents per day.

Documents are printed out/plotted from PDF files stored in electronic archive, and folded by folding machine reducing hand work while preparing drawings to packaging and delivery to Client.