Joint Stock Company
Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

Integrated information space – the basis of effective design management

Integrated information space has been organized in GIPVN on the basis of corporate web-site, which enables to perform project document control, joint work of engineers on the projects, creation of common digital models of the projects. Finalized documents are registered in electronic archive and sent to Client in electronic format, if required, in automatically compiled sets and with transmittal letter outlining its content. Current status is shown for every project: terms, scope of project, received input data, accepted engineering solutions, requirements to design and estimate documentation, documentation issuance progress, acceptance reporting schedule, actual working hours etc.


Reference information space contains data about GIPVN, employees, news, large scope of reference documents, quality management system documentation, knowledge base, learnt lessons etc.

Project information space is one of constituent parts of complex computer-aided design system (CAD system) in GIPVN and contains full information about the project, computer-aided tools for design and execution of documents.

Design materials are placed in common access resource beginning from Assignment for design, scope of project, design procedures, progress schedules to the ready engineering documentation that will be sent to the Client.

GIPVN corporate site enables coordination and approval of soft documents (inside the department, with allied departments, by project manager, code control and electronic checkout), exchange work orders between departments, searching documentation in repeated application archive.

Automatic system of task orders exchange with related departments has been implemented and used in all projects. Project managers control the process of task orders approval on a real time basis, users promptly respond to comments from related departments.

The Client could be given access to integrated information space of Giprovostokneft by request (see Company Management Automation).