Joint Stock Company
Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

Management Automation

Giprovostokneft management system is based on computer-aided project, finance and personnel management systems, organizational and regulatory document control system.

Platform 1C is used as reference platform for budget, finance and personnel management system. “INTALEV: Corporate Management” program is used for budgeting and management accounting allowing to see financial condition of enterprise from operational data acquisition to their complex analysis and presentation as well as providing controllability and transparency of funds movement.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is used for operational control of work. The system shows planned, forecast and actual dates of drawing up acts under contracts to managers of various levels, including project managers, as well as provides ability to update forecast dates of contracts execution.

Documentation Management Standard has been developed for documentation management support and computer-aided control of regulatory documentation observance has been introduced.

Gathering data on actual labor costs for engineering helps to accumulate an expert base of labor costs, in relation to design facilities classification.

If required, Client may be provided with access to corporate unified information space (with some restrictions), where one can see in real time.

  • list of projects and work progress for them;
  • schedule of acts drawing;
  • list of documentation for each facility and discipline, with status for each work;
  • ability to view native files and PDF for each document, and other project data.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, Giprovostokneft aims at enhancement of management efficiency in all spheres of work integrating them on the basis of modern automation equipment within unified information space.

Digital transformation of management processes is one of competitive advantages of Giprovostokneft. It is aimed at effective use of our financial and labor resources as well as cost reduction and increase of the number of projects fulfilled with high quality and within the earliest possible terms. This is possible only with carefully thought-up and organized management of projects and enterprise in whole.