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Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

Development of Integrated CAD System and Information Modeling Technologies

Integrated CAD system for engineering has been developed and implemented in Giprovostokneft.

As information technologies advance the new capabilities as well as new tasks emerge in the field of design automation. Basic lines of automation at Giprovostokneft are currently as follows:        

  • Development of information modeling technologies;

  • Adaptation of purchased automation equipment according to internal corporate and state standards as well as complementation of AutoCad and MS Office functionals with programs computerizing drawings and other project documents preparation process;

  • Development of own software interacting with AutoCad, MS Office, SQL-server and computerizing calculations and design documentation release process;

  • Development of interfaces interconnecting software in a single processing chain with data transmitted from system to system.

    Over 200 programs computerizing design process are used today by Giprovostokneft. Programmers of IT Department are engaged in development of software for those areas of automation which for some reasons are not presented at the software market or do not meet specific requirements of our design engineers.

Software products Autodesk AutoCAD are used as the main graphics platform. Software products Model Studio CS have been chosen as a basis for information modeling in Giprovostokneft. 3D models are developed and visualized in Autodesk Navisworks, in accordance with Client’s requirements to model transfer format



Giprovostokneft has been using 3D design technologies since 2003.

Over these years Giprovostokneft has accumulated wide experience, completed dozens of projects, worked out technologies, created procedures of interaction between specialists of related disciplines participating in the development of models, defined requirements to graphic and attributive components of models, adjusted process of collisions detection and elimination, models development, holding meetings to agree solutions.

GIPVN specialists performed a big job to adapt used 3D modeling systems. Database of graphic components is constantly being updated. Typical details are developed to automate and accelerate engineering process. Profiles for the design of documentation (both tabular and graphical) are configured in accordance with the approved templates.

Giprovostokneft developed and approved a regulation (as part of quality management system) for information modeling during engineering (BIM standard).

If Client has special requirements to information modeling, procedure of information modeling is issued and agreed with Client prior to work start. 

Examples of developed 3D models    

  The core of integrated CAD system is equipment database and the software "PO BDO Giprovostokneft" developed on its basis (certificate of registration in Rospatent No. 2017613306). Equipment database contains up-to-date and maximum complete information on equipment, products and materials used by Giprovostokneft in design. Equipment database was developed using Microsoft SQL Server DBMS and contains over 170 thousand items (equipment, products and materials). Equipment database is connected with various engineering systems, 3D modeling systems and other software systems: data can be exported / imported. Graphic databases are created by means of corresponding 3D modeling systems, each 3D component is linked with equipment database.



A mini-catalogue is generated in equipment database for each project; it contains equipment, products and materials acceptable for use in this project. GIPVN specialists developed integration mechanisms that provide two-way data exchange between equipment database and 3D modeling systems.

Giprovostokneft specialists have a sufficient experience and required competence to support 3D engineering and equipment database. Administrators (BIM-masters) of Model Studio CS 3D modeling systems took an official course on software administration from developers. To improve skills of its employees, Giprovostokneft has developed corporate training courses on application of 3D modeling systems Model Studio CS Pipelines, Model Studio CS Construction solutions and Model Studio CS Cabling. Training of specialists to work in 3D-CAD systems is carried out by our own teachers who have previously completed certified training courses from software developers.

Integrated CAD system implementation provides for design process integration with process calculations. Along with widely known HYSYS process design program GIPVN designers use PIPESIM programs produced by Schlumberger Company for automation of gathering system simulation. START (NTP Truboprovod), AutoPipe (Bentley) software is applied for strength analyses. In 2010 GIPVN became one of the winners in Russian competition for projects made with Bentley Systems Inc. software.