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Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

Integrated Quality Management System

One of Giprovostokneft activity management tools is Integrated Management System (IMS). Design management on the basis of IMS is a powerful marketing instrument based on application of innovative design technology and flexible response to constantly changing demands of concerned parties, healthy and safe work of Giprovostokneft employees and Contractors, rational use of natural resources and preservation of favorable environment. Management system in Giprovostokneft has a long history of development, starting from 1981 (see Fig.1).

Figure - 1 Management system history in Giprovostokneft

Giprovostokneft Quality Management System (QMS) possesses a Certificate of Compliance to ISO 9001:2015, accredited in Great Britain, valid through October, 2020.

Availability of operational and certified Management System (MS) at Giprovostokneft facilitates conclusion of agreements (contracts) for major investment project implementation predetermining front-office policy trend applicable to quality, labour safety, health and environment protection, design and engineering survey quality in compliance with Clients’ requirements and expectations with a view to their satisfaction and following HSE requirements during engineering.

Giprovostokneft management constantly demonstrates leadership and commitment towards Clients by ensuring that:

  • Clients’ requirements and applicable regulations and standards are defined, understood and consistently followed; increased Client’s satisfaction is our main priority;
  • competence and awareness of employees and persons involved are constantly improving in order to perform work without affecting health and environment;
  • risks and opportunities are identified and reviewed at specified intervals.

Risk-oriented thinking and regular risk and opportunity management in Giprovostokneft helps to provide the basis for Management System efficiency and to prevent unfavourable consequences.

One of the key requirements in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 is improvement strategy. In accordance with this requirement measures aimed at continuous improvement and contributing to IMS goals achievement are implemented within GIPVN Improvement Programs by different lines of activity. Expected eventual result of each Improvement Program is getting advantages by broadening GIPVN possibilities, competitive recovery of Giprovostokneft at market of engineering services in gas and oil producing industry and improvement of GIPVN attraction rating for investment.

In October 2019, during the second supervisory audit by Bureau Veritas Certification Rus for the compliance of quality management system to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 Giprovostokneft has once again demonstrated the effective implementation, maintenance and improvement of QMS.