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Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

GPVN at Oil Refining Week
Oil, gas and petrochemistry refining week is one of the leading technological (industrial) events in Russia and in CIS countries since 2001.

Personel Development  

 Recipe for success of any company is its ability to keep up with the times. For this purpose it is necessary to upgrade technologies and develop personnel on an on-going basis. The most evident indicators of manpower quality are education level and work experience. Expenses for corporate training of manpower are long-range investments in human resources. All employees of the Institute have possibilities for promotion and professional development. Personnel development is supported by the following principles:

  • development system integrity, continuity of personnel development types and forms;
  • advanced training (continuous monitoring of personnel training level, actual knowledge and due competence, as well as periodic updating of duty instructions for personnel development);
  • look-ahead training and development based on forecast of R&D and Company development trends;
  • flexibility of various development forms, specific form use at certain development phase;
  • self-actualization (self-reliance, self-control, affecting on implementation methods);
  • self-development (capability and possibility). Development of personnel is the most important component of Company policy.

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