Start of West Siberia oil fields intense development is characteristic for this period. 


Giprotyumenneftegaz, which later became the base institute for West Siberia fields development support with engineering documentation, at the beginning of the said period was at establishing phase, thus basic engineering work scope for this area was loaded on Giprovostokneft. GIPVN developed designs of pilot operation, reservoir management and infrastructure development for Shaim fields group, Middle Ob fields, construction of gas processing plants and oil/oil products trunk pipeline facilities. 

In addition to large scope of design engineering it was necessary to hold priority rates fundamental researches to improve field development methods, oil & gas gathering and wellstream treatment process, facilities construction methods.


Due to traditions, experience, gained credibility, available high-competent staff and resource base integrated institute Giprovostokneft was assigned functions of leading company in certain fields of oil production or, in terms of Oil Industry Ministry, the head institute. 

In parallel with works for West Siberia GIPVN developed designs for Volga-Ural province fields’ development, for huge complexes of oil and gas treatment, gas processing facilities.


This period also covers large work scope for oil industry development in many foreign countries, including look-ahead plans for oil industry development and field development designs.

Giprovostokneft within this period continues intense development. Resources base was extended, new 10-storey building was commissioned, experimental base was equipped with advanced equipment. Total staff by 1975 was 2019 persons.