History of Our Company 

Giprovostokneft history is directly linked with discovery and development of oil fields within the Volga-Ural region of our country and start of their active development to meet country’s demand in hydrocarbon resources.

For engineering and scientific support of developing oil industry in eastern region the USSR People’s Commissar of Fuel Industry issued the Order No. 21 dated February 19, 1939 to establish in Kuibyshev  the State Design Office for the USSR East Region Oil Producing Industry (Vostoknefteproekt) subordinated to the  Central Management of Eastern Oil Producing Industry; somewhat earlier, in 1936, the Central Research Laboratory (TsNIL) has been established, which then became the research base for field development designs engineered by the Office. This symbiosis of science and engineering was proved to be efficient; therefore it was the basis to establish high-efficient design & survey and research companies.

Office crew gained momentum. Work ranges and scopes grew, as well as number of competent and experienced engineering staff, research specialists and designers dealing with drilling, oil fields development and infrastructure construction, oil transportation.

Background for practical implementation of CPSU XVIII Congress’s decisions related to oil-producing base establishing at country’s east and its further development was ready.


Based on the said decisions and in compliance with the USSR Council of Ministers’ Regulation No. 1790 dated August 13, 1946 and the USSR Ministry of East Region Oil Producing Industry No. 99 dated August 24, 1946, integrated Institute for Design & Research Works in Oil Industry of the USSR East Regions (Giprovostokneft) was established on the basis of the State Design Office for the USSR East Region Oil Producing Industry Vostoknefteproekt and the Central Research Laboratory (TsNIL) of Kuibyshevneft Corporation; it was directly subordinated to the Capital Projects Management of the USSR Ministry of East Region Oil Producing Industry.

Order of the Ministry of Oil Industry in the Eastern Areas of the USSR No.99 dated August 24, 1946

It was the first and unique thereat for the industry integrated R & D institute, which was the prototype for reorganization (in 70-th beginning) of most design and some research institutes within the Ministry of Oil Industry in integrated territorial R & D Institutes (NIPI).

The first GIPVN Director was Mikhail Osipov, who held the office 25 years.

Mikhail Osipov,
First Director

In compliance with the Order of the USSR Ministry of East Region Oil Producing Industry No. 295 dated September 17, 1946, two expeditions were attached to GIPVN for Central Asia oil areas servicing: Central Asia in Kokand and Turkmenian in Nebit-Dag. Nizhne-Volga expedition located in Saratov was established within GIPVN in 1946 (since 1951 – Saratov affiliate of Giprovostokneft).

Tatar subdivision located in Bugulma was established in 1950 (since 1951 – Bugulma affiliate of Giprovostokneft). Perm affiliate joined the Institute in 1963. Independent institutes were later established based on all these expeditions and affiliates. 

Within more than sixty years numerous restructurings and reorganizations of economical management took place both at national economy level and oil industry. In line with this GIPVN was reassigned; its full title partially changed. Acronym, however, is standing – Giprovostokneft. Since 1996 till present day GIPVN is Open Joint-Stock Company Institute for Design & Research Works in Oil Industry Giprovostokneft

Latter Half of Last Century 40th – First Half of 50th

This period for Giprovostokneft was the period of development, organizational setting, staff training, creation of reliable launching pad for further large-scale activities, continuation of Ural-Volga fields’ development.


The key engineering subdivision was Field/Mechanical Department. Step-by-step other departments were established on its basis: Civil Engineering, Water Supply & Sewerage, Mechanical, Automation, Cost Estimates and Organization Activities, Master Plans. The Department of Feasibility Studies and Advanced Engineering was founded later on. 


Within this period GIPVN step-by-step gathered pace. Work scopes grew, research range extended, intense engineering of Ural-Volga fields development was in progress. 

Map of oil fields as of 1946