Joint Stock Company
Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry
Ceremony Dedicated to Institute’s 70th Anniversary
Ceremony dedicated to Institute’s  70th anniversary took place in Samara Opera & Ballet Theatre.
Giprovostokneft held science & practice conference
On the eve of 70th anniversary Giprovostokneft held science & practice conference "Integrated Engineering for Oil Production: Experience, Innovations, Development"

JSC Giprovostokneft is an integrated scientific research, design and survey Institute, leading in the Russian oil industry sector. Giprovostokneft made a substantial in-practice contribution to the development of the oil industry in Volga region, Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Udmurtia, Republic of Komi, Nenets Autonomous Area, Siberia, North Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belorussia. During 70 years, Giprovostokneft accumulated an invaluable experience in design engineering, unique inventions in operation of oil fields are applied throughout the world, and on numerous occasions its experts have been the laurates of State prizes. Today, Giprovostokneft proceeds participating in the large-scale programs for the development of oil and gas companies in different countries.

From 2004, Giprovostokneft is a member of JSC Zarubezhneft group of companies.