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Drilling Programs

Пароциклическая обработка скважин

In 2015, drilling department worked out nine project designs for well site construction by obtaining a positive opinion at St. Petersburg and Kazan branches of RF State Expert Evaluation Department.

For the first time ever in reservoir design engineering for oil fields of Orenburgnefteotdacha in Kirsanovskoye field in 2015 according to documentation developed by Giprovostokneft has been drilled well 11G on Tournai stage with measured depth 1735 m and horizontal completion circa 200 m.

Prior to construction a meeting «drilling on paper» was held. Well site construction engineering was done by drilling department workforce throughout the whole construction cycle.

Закачка теплоносителя в пласты методом пароциклической обработки. Технология

Drilling department experts took part in development of JV «On-Shore Oil Fields Construction» at approval stage at RF Ministry of Energy. In this regulatory document for the first time in national industry-based practice a special section «Oil/Gas Mix Recovery (Lift) to Surface» was worked out with a detailed presentation of following issues:

  • Selection and justification of well structure;
  • Drilling rigs;
  • Wellhead equipment for drilling;
  • Закачка теплоносителя в пласты методом пароциклической обработки. График закачки параWellhead equipment for operation;
  • Well downhole pumping equipment

In 2015, on final stage of basic period for pilot development planning after drilling 6 dedicated steam wells and cyclic steam soaking wells, whereof three wells for reservoir E1: BJ-2001, 2002 and 2003, and three wells for reservoir М: №№ BJ-3001, 3002, heat-transfer medium injection into formations by cyclic steam soaking was done.