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Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

Испытательный лабораторный центр

Research by laboratory for drilling muds and cement slurries in close cooperation with design engineers of drilling department in years 2011-2014

One of the most significant works is Program on L-01 borehole drilling (Almedina structure, west section of License Block L Offshore in Republic of Cuba). Borehole L-01 is a vertical prospecting borehole with subsea wellhead, sea depth is 405 m.

Zarubezhneft is Operator Company in borehole construction process. 
Borehole design depth is 6500 m, drilling must be performed on multistring well program, forecast value is 212.5 MM USD. 

Required bottom hole assemblies, drilling practices and drilling muds have been worked out for each drilling interval.

Initiative group of department members jointly with laboratory staff for drilling muds and cement slurries (V. Davydov, V. Bednyakov, N. Averina, V. Zolotukhin) have worked out and studied drilling mud compositions with additives PolyKR-F, PolyKR-К, polyanionic cellulose, POLYECOLUB, MICAN-40». Research has been carried out in accordance with accreditation certificate of laboratory and published in XVI and XVII international research-to-practice conference deliverablesи.


Accreditation certificate of testing laboratory (center) No. РОСС RU.0001.517326